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Pool Session - Tuesday 10th March 2020

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  • Pool Session - Tuesday 10th March 2020

    Tune up, Tighten up What's up sort of Pool Session.

    After a quick chat with everyone last week - We decided Tuesday 10th would take the form of paddlers turning up and asking about anything they felt they needed to / wanted to practice, tune up or even look at for the first time as individuals. There should be two of us covering the session so we'll work to cover as much as we can as quickly as we can given the time we have.

    Meet at 8:10pm to carry the sea boats around to the pool and be ready for the 8:45, on the water start.

    Polite reminder - The pool space is finite so it's first come first served with preference given to regular Tuesday night participants - So.……..
    Please let us know if you intend to come along.

    Thanks / Colin
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    I aim to be there. Interested in self-rescue techniques. If any one has a paddle float they could bring along (or any other useful stuff to try out) I'd be very grateful.


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      Cheers Jim,

      I'll bring a paddle-float along with me.



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        I plan to come tonight also equipped with a paddle float. Rachel