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Beginners River trip Tuesday 8th May

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  • Beginners River trip Tuesday 8th May

    We are planning a beginners river trip on the evening of Tuesday 8th May. We'll meet at the barrage on the river Awe as usual, but will spend a fair bit of time practicing basic skills on the first section of the river.
    This trip is ideally suited for beginners who have very little (or none) experience of paddling on white water.
    Please reply on here if you are interested in coming, if you would need to borrow any gear and if you would need transport.
    Arranging gear and transport can be slightly challenging so please give us as much notice as you can.

    See you on the river.

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    Hi Joanne could I possibly join your beginners river trip. I did some river paddling 10 years ago but a refresher would be fun - I have no boat unfortunately but I do have a van and could offer transport to others or may be I could pick up kit? Tel 07584569212.


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      Hi Pete, Yes you are are than welcome to come along. Are you already a club member?
      There is still a club boat available, the best plan would be to liaise with Dave in Outside edge in Oban regarding getting it. The shop number is 01631 566617.
      Is it only a boat you need or do you need other gear as well e.g. buoyancy aid, paddle etc.

      See you on the river



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        Thanks for that I'll give Dave a call tomorrow and yes I joined the club last year and I'm pretty sure I paid again recently but I'll check. Gear wise I have everything but the boat and spray deck. See you on the water.


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          Great! He should be in the shop after around 11am.


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            Hi Jo.
            See you all there.


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              Myself and Rosie will also be there :-)

              See you shortly!

              Joe M