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    Hi Everyone,
    As a few of you know, I have been toying with the idea of trying to run a junior session for the club. I've an 8 year old who is desperate to get in a boat but he can't cope with the late nights for the pool sessions.

    My (very) rough plan is to have a couple of pool sessions on Saturday lunch time during May and then try and get a regular session going outside.

    So... If you have kids who would be interested or have any useful ideas of how to go about this, please drop me a line.



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    Hi Joanne,
    Do the parents need to be members? I know of someone who's child would definitely be up for this, but parents have no interest in kayaking, is that a problem. Also do you have an age range in mind, I assume you don't want them too young?


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      Hi Ann,

      For the first couple of pool sessions membership isn't really an issue. Going on from there then would probably ask them to get a family membership. This makes the paperwork much easier to manage than having a junior member ship. What we could possibly do, is to offer a reduced rate where is is only the kids who are kayaking. This hasn't really been discussed yet. I am also planning to ask that parents (or nominated other) are near at hand during the sessions, though not necessarily on the water.

      I hadn't given too much though to age range yet. For the pool sessions, where there will be a bit of coaching, then 7ish upwards would probably be sensible but if a younger kid is super keen then we would try and find a way to make it work. My main priority is to get kids out in boats having fun!

      Hope this makes sense!