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Loch Fyne 19th March 2017

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  • Loch Fyne 19th March 2017

    Despite dire predictions a week ago, the wind forecasts had been improving to the point where the trip was actually likely to run. Saturdays forecast was for F5-6, but actual wind at Port Ann was F3. Sundays forecast was F4-5, so I confidently predicted F3-4 at worst - and my predictions were confirmed by the gentle zephyr disturbing the rain as we sorted gear in Ardrishaig car park.

    On the water by 10:35, the rain had almost stopped, the sun was trying to come out and the wind was still vaguely thinking about blowing. Across the bay to Duncuan Island, where we were closely inspected by the resident seals, and there was a little more breeze from behind to help us on our way.

    Carrying on towards Rubha Caolard, and little surfable waves began to make themselves felt. Then they were breaking over the decks, and some distinct control input was needed to keep everything dry side up & headed in the right direction. With wind and tide both working in our favour, the welcome shelter of Rubh Caolard rapidly hove into view, and was passed. XC and Met office 1, Rhod 0 - that was definitely closer to F5 than F3!

    We now pottered northwards, sheltered from the westerly & riding the tide, observing the wildlife, and pausing to (unsucessfully) hunt for the "Tinklers Cave". The showers continued, and rainbows put in an appearance. Lunch was partaken of at West Otter Ferry, and was enlivened by the appearance of a pod of porpoises.

    Continuing northwards. More rainbows. And suddenly the wind ambushed us, right in our faces! The white painted Point house marking our last way point, took a long time to get closer, as we dropped a gear and slogged onwards. Eventually we rounded the point into Loch Gair, and hauled out at the slip at 14:00 - in the sunshine. A very pleasant Sunday paddle, at 13km, and many thanks to Will & Lucy for their company.