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  • Trip to No Where

    2nd to 12th May 2017

    Geographic extent; N = Rubha Fion-aird, S = Dog Stone, W = Creag Isle, E = Gluepot.

    (Keywords; no plan, staycation ++, storage solution, low carbon, marine litter - balls!)

    This trip was not planned in any sense but evolved on a daily basis in response to the BBC Weather App continuing to spew sun icons and light winds.

    The trip was limited in scope by the requirement to work Monday to Friday 0845-1709. In addition, 5 of the 11 days (including the weekend) were ‘on-call’ (i.e. requirement to remain within 30 minutes of work = Dunstaffnage).

    The trip was 100% human powered (including all commuting by bicycle). Hydrocarbon use was limited to half a pint of petrol and several teaspoonfuls of meths to feed the MSR Whisperlite International 600 (head torch was available but not required).

    Trip Statistics

    11 days, 12 paddles, 101km, 2 overnight camps, 4 cans of Adnams Ghostship, 4 balls recovered for the dog (1 x dog toy specific, 1 x football (cheap vinyl - now burst), 1 x tennis (standard - no squeaker), 1 x NFL approved American football).

    Fantastic weather.
    Otters hanging out exactly where I had chosen to make camp.

    How easy it was to pack everything needed for a overnight camp into the Anas acuta.
    The stunning quality of the 3D foam storage solution crafted to allow BDH/stove pod to sit ahead of footrests. Carved using only a handsaw.
    Dog toy specific ball found in the middle of Ardmucknish Bay.

    Sea/land interface with a loaded kayak (especially when tide out) - quickly binned the idea of ‘popping home for breakfast’ by sea!

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    more pics in no particular order!


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          What an amazing adventure! Man, these pics are great. Thanks for sharing. Hoping to do a Bay trip in 2018.
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