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    Well, Rowland has finally achieved one of his aims in his mission of conversion - the first "all sticks" club trip! There was even an equal split between proper wooden paddles, and new-fangled carbon ones. The run down to the end of Scarba was uneventful, with the Selkies obviously having a Sunday lie-in - there being a distinct lack of travelling whirlpools to catch out the unwary. The flood was supposed to push us through the Corryvreckan, but the westerly breeze negated most of the benefit, and effort was expended! Lumpy sections provided entertainment up the side of Scarba. The Selkies had woken up by the time we reached the crossing to Belnahau, and boats were pointing in various directions as the whirlpools & boils surged up. However they were merely in playful, not malicious, mood, and all 6 paddlers successfully hit the divergence of flows at the correct spot, and duly landed on Belnahau for afternoon tea (for which we were permitted 9 minutes...). After their lack of co-operation in the Gulf, the tide & wind gods had second thoughts, and gave us a relatively easy run back up the Sound to Easdale, on a sun-soaked sea- for which the less fit members of the group were duly grateful

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    More pics


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      Thanks for the report! Those pics are great. In heavier weather, this is a cool place. I wanna kayak there the next year.
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