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Midsummer Moonlight Madness - Wed 8 June 2016

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  • Midsummer Moonlight Madness - Wed 8 June 2016

    The moment is nearly upon us - Wednesday 8 June for a 'night time' trip around Kerrera.
    The forecast is looking very pleasant, so it probably won't be particularly dark, but who cares?!
    Meet at Puffin Dive (unless I have reason to change that) at 9 p.m. and we'll take it from there. We will be back after midnight, but not ridiculously so.
    Open to all who can get round Kerrera in a reasonable (not 'race'!) time and are prepared to play nicely. Please check in with me if you are thinking of coming and have not already done so.

    Tim said: "And what a night. Magical. Never thought I would paddle in glitter (or bioflourescence or whatever it's called).
    Thanks to Roland, Jake and Andy for a great time."
    Jake said: "I think you mean bioluminescence - would stick to fitting sash windows if I were you :-)!!
    Thanks Rowland for putting on another fantastic trip.
    Rowland's reply: "All very welcome - an excellent dark evening! And as the last picture shows, there was indeed moonlight - if only a little bit!"

    Photos by Rowland Woollven