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Lismore's Dark Side - Sunday 14 August 2016

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  • Lismore's Dark Side - Sunday 14 August 2016

    Rowland's report: A most excellent day for the five of us: myself, Tim, Simon, Jake and Martin. Who knew Lismore had an actual sea cave?? And finally, I would like to underline the importance of including wet wipes in one's standard kit, and Tim would like to advise everyone that parking at Ganavan is indeed 'not free'!!!

    "Yep, a jolly good wheeze, thanks Rowland, enlivened by more otters than I've ever seen in a single day. Mr Mackerel was very tasty for tea, though his big brother failed to show up on the way home. After 42km the sustenance was very welcome." Martin

    Photos by Rowland Woollven